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Top five reasons this is not an Advent Calendar

Starbucks is selling an “Advent Calendar.” It includes 25 little tins, each of which has a caramel inside — except one, which has a Starbucks gift card inside. They can call it an Advent Calendar, but I beg to differ. … Continue reading

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Unexpected Joy While Awaiting a Tire

I got a flat tire & pulled in to the tire joint to get a new one. So I’m checking my email at Starbucks on Galen St., nursing a large middle-of-a-busy -week coffee, when all the sudden, people are singing … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Super Tuesday

There should be a name for this day. School vacation is over. New Year’s has come and gone. Christmas trees line the curbs (although it’s still Christmas season, I would point out…). None of the excuses we used for the … Continue reading

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