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This is a mom washing paint from her toddler’s hands. I bet she had to wash the child’s hands three or four times in the course of the 1.5 hr Mother’s Day Tea sponsored by Watertown Family Network. Washing hands … Continue reading

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These Children, They Are Not (And Yet They Are) Your Children….

I always enjoy the Watertown Early Childhood Education Faire. A school cafeteria packed to the brim with educators, caregivers, parents, babies, and small kids is a room packed to the brim with hope and possibility. This year I was splitting … Continue reading

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There Goes The Boat

My friend Lisa snapped the photo above from her car. She happened to be driving near Franklin Street with her kids in the car today when the FBI hauled away “The Boat” — You know, the infamous boat in which … Continue reading

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Awesomeness Personified

Someone once said to me about raising small children, “Every day seems like a year, and every year seems like a day.” That rings true to my experience. My son liked to be up, dressed, and fed before dawn, while … Continue reading

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They Just Need a Few Friends

While I support the separation of church and state, I am always glad when the Spirit transforms what seems like a thoroughly secular gathering in a civic space into a true meeting of hearts and minds. Such was the case … Continue reading

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Russo’s at Rest

I’m a huge Russo’s fan. When my children were very small and the stress of keeping them fed, diapered and rested seemed overwhelming, Russo’s was like medicine. As soon as my husband agreed to take the helm for a while, … Continue reading

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