Walking By Choice

another beautiful day in Watertown

another beautiful day in Watertown

My son and I walked a five kilometer loop along the Charles River on Sunday. It was beautiful. I stopped to take photos of the river (like the one here), which was still and shimmery in a late-summer way.

As we continued, I couldn’t shake from my mind the image of families walking across borders and along railroad tracks in Europe. My son and I were walking by choice. 5K and we’re done. Millions of others were walking not by choice, but out of desperation. With no finish line in sight.

How do we begin to wrap our minds and hearts around what is happening for these families? How shall we respond to their plight? The nation of Iceland seems to be the moral leader in this regard, planning to welcome 11,000 families, while Hungary is using teargas and water cannons to keep them out. And our nation’s promise to accept 10,000 seems miserly compared to tiny Iceland’s decision.

The leader of my denomination offered a pastoral letter on this issue, with resources for learning, acting, advocating, and praying for relief and resettlement for these hundreds of thousands of people uprooted and at risk.

What are you doing? What should *we* do? What might it look like for us, who walk along beautiful riverbanks and come and go from our secure homes, to practice solidarity with others in such a hard time?


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