Seeds of Change

alliegardenI spent last week with a crop of earth-tenders, change makers, creation stewards. They all happened to be children.

If our Vacation Garden School was successful, then these thirty-seven children left the camp more confident of their ability to tend the earth and more devoted to the future of water, soil, seeds, animals, and harvest. Sure, we sang goofy songs and made seed art. But the heart of the camp was about gazing together at a small seed and being amazed that it contains a whole world. The heart of the camp was about being good shepherds and good neighbors to those around us and those to follow us.

We adults are handing to our children a world of great inequity, a planet ravaged by our selfishness, waterways filled with the detritus of our indifference. We repent of our sinfulness in church every Sunday.  Teaching thirty-seven children some skills for repairing the breach is, in one way, a drop in the bucket of the transformation needed to ensure a good future for their generation and those that follow. But it’s a start.

Here are some of the great organizations that partnered with us on VGS. Each one is doing great work and I encourage you to check them out, support them, get involved:

Charles River Watershed Association

Watertown Community Gardens

Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Gore Place

Boston Area Gleaners

The Seeing Eye


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