Imagine a World…

Mid-tour at Perkins

Mid-tour at Perkins

It was my pleasure to spend a morning touring the Perkins School for the Blind recently. Our tour guide, Kevin, led us masterfully through the story of the founding and development of this amazing institution, and Jeff Migliozzi, who teaches at the school, added valuable information about the current work happening in the classroom and out.

One thing that struck me as I listened was how often, in the history and current work of the school, the most unexpected, “unqualified” person did incredible things that changed the course of lives and the course of history. Even the founder of the school was someone who knew nothing about blindness and had no experience as an educator. He was simply moved to do what was right. Over and over, it was people taking a courageous leap, not because they were credentialed or “prepared” or authorized, but because they cared, that made the difference.

How would you finish the sentence, “Imagine a world where…..”? What are you willing to do to make it so? Thanks, Perkins staff and faculty, for the inspiration.


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