Prayer, Massage, and Tea: A Beautiful Triad of Healing


Certified Massage Therapists Harry Gloss and Melissa Hartford offered free massages to weary Watertownians.

Earlier today, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring. Super. But we need a little relief right now: The wind, the short days, the flu, the holiday bills coming due, the deadlines – all of it is making most folks I know a little cranky and knotting up their shoulders.

Our awesome Intern at CGS, Anna Petrie, decided to help us beat the mid-winter blues with a Healing Day. So today, a couple dozen members and friends of our parish got free massages and prayers for healing, right in the familiar environs of our parish hall. How amazing it was! Not only were the massages terrific, but folks sat around drinking tea and catching up. Anna set up a beautiful space for prayer, including an icon, candles, and pinecones (a great symbol of perseverance and hope). Sadly, even parish life and seem full of to-do’s and deadlines, so it was a huge gift to have a time and space to just be, and to be receivers of healing.

Many thanks to the great therapists who donated their time and talents to this endeavor, including Melissa Hartford (Melissa*at*melissahartfordlmt*dot*com) and Harry Gloss (manuelmassage321*at*yahoo*dot*com), both pictured above. Both work at a studio on Arsenal Street, so very convenient to all denizens of Watertown.

Body, mind, and spirit – a deeply interconnected trinity of ways in which we have our being.  I am grateful to end this day feeling attended to, more integrated, and ready to offer more of each – body, mind, and spirit – to others, and to God when I return to this space for worship tomorrow.


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