I’d like to teach the town to sing

This morning’s Watertown Unity Breakfast was terrific. Great keynote speaker. Great essays from students. Well-deserved award for Watertown Savings Bank. But I’d trade it all for the singing.

It’s just so rare these days that people come together to sing. We’ve made singing into a spectator sport, so that even at church people are afraid their voices “aren’t good enough” to participate.

I think that’s a huge loss. Singing unites in a way nothing else can. In song we share stories, affirm common values, synchronize our breathing, pass along history.

I loved hearing the Intergenerational Choir this morning, as well as Chosen Voices of Harmony. I loved singing “Lift Every Voice” with hundreds of neighbors. What would happen if the whole of Watertown gathered at Arsenal Park – Whoville style – and sang together?



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I'm a pastor and mother who loves to make connections between people, between ideas, and between stuff we label "sacred" and "secular." I aspire to be like a Cedar of Lebanon in the midst of the changes and chances of life, but like most folks, generally find that I can really only navigate the tumult hand in hand with others. Good coffee helps, too.
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