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Arlene & Cheryl -- Awesomeness Personified

Someone once said to me about raising small children, “Every day seems like a year, and every year seems like a day.” That rings true to my experience. My son liked to be up, dressed, and fed before dawn, while his twin sister liked to burn the midnight oil. So my days actually were very long, and often I found that adult companionship was enormously healing. Being with other parents, who got it when I needed to share my joys and fears, or ask what felt like silly questions about parenting, was balm to the soul.

By the grace of God, someone mentioned to me a group called the Watertown Family Network. Run by the two amazing women in the photo above, WFN offers playgroups, resource materials, and special events for parents of small children.
I remember the first time I showed up for a playgroup with my twins, who were about a year old at the time. Arlene welcomed us with her inimitable energy, saying “Come on in, dear!” And Cheryl smiled with joy at my children, assuring them it was OK to come on out of the stroller and play.

Now I get to see Arlene and Cheryl several times a year, as our church hosts some of their special events. I love watching a new generation of parents bonding with one another, relaxing with a cup of coffee as someone else sings songs to their children, and gaining some strength and courage for the day ahead. Last week, I observed the mother of a young girl just watching her daughter sing, with a look of holy wonder and inexpressible thankfulness on her face.

If it takes a village to raise a child (and it does), the Watertown Family Network is a village center. Learn about their work and how to support it financially here.


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