To the folks who’ve “Gone Fishing”

Once and future business site

This photo shows all that is left in a storefront I pass often in Cushing Square. Whatever the last business here was, it’s been closed for a while. They left their flag, which is now pretty faded. And a dirty Starbucks cup. And a xeroxed sign that says “Gone Fishing.”

This Thanksgiving comes at a time when lots of storefronts are empty. Each storefront represents so much: Someone’s vision, someone’s attempt to connect through commerce, someone’s livelihood — come and gone.

I have no idea who the proprietor was at this particular locale. But wherever he or she is on this Thanksgiving, I send them best wishes. I pray that they have fond memories of their time in Cushing Square. I pray that something they learned from their work here is blessing them now, maybe helping them thrive in a new business. I pray that they are OK.

Last Sunday, at our church we prayed the beautiful Litany of Thanksgiving from the Prayer Book.        I was struck again at how it calls us to be thankful not for abundance but for the basics. And to give thanks for the qualities others demonstrate that give us hope and heal us. These lines stood out for me this year:

For the brave and courageous, who are patient in suffering and faithful in adversity,
We thank you, Lord.

Thank you, brave and courageous ones. And Happy Thanksgiving to all, especially the former owners of this business in Cushing Square.



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I'm a pastor and mother who loves to make connections between people, between ideas, and between stuff we label "sacred" and "secular." I aspire to be like a Cedar of Lebanon in the midst of the changes and chances of life, but like most folks, generally find that I can really only navigate the tumult hand in hand with others. Good coffee helps, too.
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