More fruit, less Froot Loops

Girls holding their drawing of real food

Looking forward to the goldenrod? Getting your trees pruned? I’m excited about spring, too, this year more than usual. Planning is underway for a network of community gardens in Watertown. This process will take a while, but the seeds of the idea are germinating and tiny buds are shooting up already. I was witness to one this week.

A group of girls sat at a table at an afterschool program on Nichols Avenue. When we arrived, they were chatting about Justin Bieber (arguably the #1 topic of conversation amongst 4th grade girls across our great nation). Without any fanfare, three of the leaders of the community gardens project started asking them questions about food and sat down to cut out pictures of vegetables, flowers, and herbs with them. The girls started making a poster of food they would want to grow.

So began the process of getting kids excited about being full partners in growing their own food, on plots right across the street from where they live. That is good stuff. I love that this was happening while the FDA was announcing a panel to consider warnings of the dangers of artificial food colorings in kids.

If you live in Watertown, find out more about how to support the community garden network here. If you don’t, plant some tomatoes this summer in your yard. And ask a child to help.


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  1. Terri says:

    The church where I will soon be serving has a commuity garden and I look forward to growing my own veggies as well as encouraging kids to help…we also have a preschool at the church so maybe we can get those kids involved? Not sure all the logistics, who and what’s….but kinds of possibilities

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