The Evil Eye

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the Armenian Festival on Bigelow St. yesterday, After the lamhajun and the baklava, after chatting with the ladies who run to the church bazaar, after the requisite street-fair bounce house experience. we met Edward Dervishian. He and his assistant explained to us the “evil eye.” A pre-Christian symbol that is rooted in Middle Eastern culture, they say wearing an eye will protect you from evil.

I’ve noticed them all around town: Bracelets, keychains, even a diaper pin where a little silver cross dangles between two evil eyes. You can find them behind the counters at Armenian bakeries, or Edward will sell you one (or more!) at

It got me thinking. As Christians, we use the word evil all the time. Most Episcopal liturgies include the word at least once. We pray that the Lord “deliver us from evil” as though it were a thing or an easily-identified locale. What’s on your heart when you pray about it? Is God your “evil eye”?

Edward Dervishian & assistant explained the evil eye to me


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One Response to The Evil Eye

  1. mompriest says:

    I think we live in a culture that by and large takes the whole idea of “evil” as something to ignored because it makes us uncomfortable or it’s silly and old fashioned. That or evil is something a person does that another person thinks is “wrong” or “bad.” I think we minimize evil and diminish it and as a result it is losing its power over us but not its power in the world. Well, and because it continues to have power in the world evil ultimately has more power over us, we just can’t name it is as such. Hunger, Greed, Abuse of others/the enviroment, Immigration issues and causes (global economy and free trade agreements), war, violence, rape, human slave trade, and so on….evil in this world. That’s what I think of when I say and use and pray that word. I’ve even been known to preach about it more than once…

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